Warranty & Maintenance


Platinum is seeking to make pleasure and comfort a part of your lifestyle; as its promise is to give you peace of mind.

Fulfilling the customers’ demands is our strength, and understanding their needs and optimally resolving the issues facing them give us the advantage. Thanks to the Research and Development Department, Platinum rises to grant its customers a Platinum warranty period of (3 years) For Steam Pris & Garment Steamer ; in addition to a team of specialists subjected to training courses on each of the Platinum products, to develop their skills in maintaining the appliances to the fullest.

Enhance the warranty’s base for the Platinum products.
Conduct a complete renovation for the product and test its performance before returning it to the customer.
Ensure safe operation with high efficiency at all times.
Quick response – just a phone call away.
Quality in service exceeding the customer’s expectations.
Early detection and handling of malfunctions.
Prevent the repetition of malfunctions through the analysis of their causes, and then the rapid development of the product in order to avoid these causes.
Standard programming in the Maintenance Department’s working system, to ensure the maximum service level on an ongoing basis.