About Us


Al-Dear Al-Demshkeh Trading Est 
We are curious about people’s lives, where they live, how they live, what they do and how they use stuff, because we believe that innovation comes from curiosity. It is by understanding our customers and the way people use home appliances that we discovered the secrets that have made us rethink the method for designing home appliances. We also realized that we need to think about the framework of the full performance journey undertaken by this appliance in the customer service.

After studying the trends and developments in most homes; so that they become compatible and responsive to the needs of all modern homes. Where the place is still waiting for great experiences that are still hidden to be disclosed. Our curiosity does not only stem from the functionality and performance of our products, but also the emotional role it plays in people’s lives.

For us, the product’s design and manufacture are not a result driven by self-serving, but a human endeavor to make life better. Continuous innovation is part of Platinum and its striving method.

With a premium brand, and quality in the appliances’ minutest details, it was obvious that it will get precious attention. When the most glamorous and brightest metals with their most precise quality and mastering are appreciated, you will know that we are focused on creating a platinum sense by handling and using our products with ample amount of high-class impressions in each daily experience.