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Platinum warranty policy
We offer you a guarantee policy for products subject to guarantees in order to provide a manufacturer guarantee for platinum products as follows:
All caps are guaranteed for three years except accessories and accessories.
All vertical kiosks are guaranteed for three years except accessories and accessories.
All handmade kuites are guaranteed for two years except accessories and accessories.
To avail the warranty service, please bring your original purchase invoice to confirm the serial number and the validity period of the guarantee.
Warranty Service Provider:
1. Please be aware that product and quality assurance provided by the agent and customer directly communicate with them for warranty services
General provisions of the guarantee:
1. The maximum repair time (15) days for warranty failures.
2. Warranty includes repair or replacement of spare parts for free in the event of a manufacturing defect. Warranty does not imply replacement or refund of the product. Excluded from the warranty service are the following:
• Misuse of the product or non-compliance with the instructions of use in the product manual or instructions referred to in the Internet and digital pages when the device is activated.
• Fractures, bumps or exposure to external factors such as liquids, moisture or high temperatures.
• Attempts to repair or maintenance operations by unauthorized parties from the dealer or supplier or using parts not approved by the Standards and Metrology Authority.
3. The warranty service provider is obliged to transfer the customer's device free of charge from remote areas where the warranty services are not available. The application of all general provisions of the warranty is also the responsibility of the service provider.
4. The life span of each product varies, as the customer can review the product manual or contact the agent for full details.